• Introduction:

Limestone is a chemical rock formed from calcium carbonate. It is generally available all around the world.

  • Applications:

Has a large range of applications in construction and building.

It is the main raw material in the production of quicklime and cement.

Used in the agricultural industry too.

It is used in glass making.

As the white pigment used in cosmetics, paper, plastic, paint, and detergent industries.

Has some applications in bread and cereal’s production.

Used in the making of sculptures.

  • Specification:


Requirements Unit Spec.
Specific Gravity 2.70 min
Insoluble in acid % 2
Passed through sieve 100 mesh % 100
Passed through sieve 200 mesh % 90 min
Passed through sieve 325 mesh % 80 ± 5


25 Kg Bag, 1 Mt Jumbo Bag & Neg.