• Introduction:

Bentonite is a colloidal clay containing montmorillonite which has a swelling capacity in water, high gel strength and low permeability. It is supplied in forms of powder and raw ore.

  • Applications:
  • In drilling used as viscosifier to lubricant and sometimes stop blowouts.
  • In foundries used as binding agent.
  • It is also being used to clarifying and purifying mineral, veggies, some oils, and alcoholic beverages.
  • In the pet care industry, Bentonite used as an absorbing agent in products such as animal litter.
  • It has application in the medical industry due to its adsorption properties.
  • Recently Bentonite slurry walls have gained some interests in the construction industry.


  • Specification:


Requirements Unit Spec.
Yield Point M3/ton 16 min
API Filtration Loss Cm3 15 max
Moisture Content % 15 max
Residue on ASTM sieve No 100 Wt % 2 max
Residue on ASTM sieve No 200 Wt % 2.5 max


  • Packaging:

25 Kg Bag, 1 Mt Jumbo Bag & Neg.