• Introduction:

Barite is natural Barium Sulfate (BaSo4). It is one of the most famous weighting materials based on its high specific gravity. It is being supplied in forms of raw ore and powder.

  • Applications:
  • In drilling used as the weighting agent.
  • In the painting industry used as a pigment.
  • Used as weighted filler in the production of paper, clothing and rubber industry.
  • It also has medical uses such as in X-Rays


  • Specification:


Requirements Unit Spec.
PH at room temp & 180 F 6.5 min
Specific Gravity 4.20 min
Residue on ASTM sieve No 200 % 3 max
Residue on ASTM sieve No 325 % 10+5
Water Soluble Solids % 0.1 max
Apparent Viscosity before/after adding Gypsum cps 125 max
Soluble Alkaline Earth Metal as Calcium ppm 250 max


  • Packaging:

25 Kg Bag, 1 Mt Jumbo Bag & Neg.