Always On Your Side


Thank you for visiting our website. “Haffaran Khavarmianeh” (HK) means “Middle-East Drillers”! We are not that big yet, but we certainly hope so! This page is not About “Us”, it is about “You”! Better to say what we can offer to You!

HK established in 2017! It consists of the couple of us who have been in the market of Oil, Gas & Mine for some time. It has not been always easy! We have had ups & downs! But here we are!

We have “Morteza” as our Chairman who has a long history of working in relevant industries. He monitors overall activities and leads us through tough decisions.

Next to him is “Hossein”. He is Special Advisor to our Chairman, drafting our strategies and is a very valuable asset to our team. He has a vast knowledge of the industry internationally and known for his intelligence.

“Hamid” is our Managing Director. He is young but he has a very unique knowledge of Drilling & Mining projects. He is an expert in production & delivering of Minerals & Chemicals. He operates our company and handles MENA.

HK also features “Mahdi” as a member of the board. He focuses on account management and financial matters.

With the population of almost 300 million people, CIS has always been one market we look after. We have our very own “Hadi” who is fluent in Russian language and very hardworking. You can always rely on him for your kind request.

Trading Petroleum products have always been a huge part of HK’s interests. In this regard, you could rely on “Ali” is experience for your kind requests.

Like any other supplying company, we deal with many tasks of designing, advertising, and promotions. “Fatemeh” is our one & only source of inspiration. An award-winning animation graduate whose designs will blow your mind.

You will kindly visit our “Products” & “Services” for more information, but in a nutshell, HK offers:

- Chemicals, Additives & Lubricants for Oilfield, Gas Treating, Mining, and Paper & Water Treating
- Base Oil, Grease, and Solvents
- Petroleum Products
- Services related to above products such as the tests, packaging, delivery and etc.

Should you need to require more information, please do not hesitate to contact HK via hello@haffaran.org